Armature de 9 1/2 po x 3/8 po, manche ergonomique (92013)


    • Ergonomic soft-grip handle
    • Larger diameter lid
    • Smaller diameter tip
    • Rubber seal
    • Metal spring retainer
    • Heat treated aluminum frame
    • Lock mechanism
    • Aluminum die cast thread
    • Lighter and perfectly balanced
    • Maximum comfort and control handle
    • The larger diameter is to stop paint penetration
    • The smaller diameter is to facilitate loading
    • The larger diameter rubber seal ring is to prevent paint penetration
    • The spring retainer prevents the roller from unwinding
    • Quick-release feature to unload quickly
    • The aluminum frame prevents distortion and provides uniform pressure
    • The lock mechanism is to prevent the roller frame to unwind
    • Durable and heavy-duty aluminum die-cast thread