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1890, Alfred Richard Settles in Quebec!


In 1885, Massachusetts-born Alfred Richard and his brother, Jean-Baptiste, worked for Hyde. They arrived in Canada in 1890, bringing with them their expertise. Wishing to explore new markets, they set up shop in Saint-Denis-sur-Richelieu, Quebec.

3 Generations of Business

After more than 50 years of developing a remarkable range of quality tools, Alfred Richard agreed to sell his company to the Grégoire and Panfili families who continued the tradition of a family-run business. The company, A. Richard, relocated to Berthierville where it has been since 1942.

In 1997, a group of third-generation members of the Grégoire and Panfili took over from older generations. With more than 85% of the Canadian market in wall finishing hand tools, A. Richard joined Hyde Tools, Inc. towards the end of 2003.

A. Richard Moves Ahead!


In 2006, A. Richard acquired Roultech, a paintbrush and roller manufacturer and distributor. Roultech’s expertise and A. Richard’s experience in development and marketing were combined, creating a winning team capable of securing the applicator market.Today, the company manufactures more than 1.200 products, sold in 14 countries.

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