Pinceau angulaire ovale , série E-volution polyester, manche en bois (Evolution) (82421, 82422, 82423, 82424)


  • Designed for wide range of uses
    The A. Richard E-VOLUTION series with our new Polyester formula is designed for professional use. The unique blend of two bristle shapes make these paintbrushes one of the most versatile series on the market that perform in all applications. for use with today’s fast-drying low VOC paints. For indoor and outdoor use. Fantastic coverage and cutting in ability will save time anywhere a firm brush is needed.

    • New firm formulation of purple polyester
    • Perfect for fast drying paints
    • Exceptional cut-in control
    • Holds more paint & release uniformly the paint
    • Save time & improve productivity

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Berthierville, Québec
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