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Rouleau à bout fermé / Manchon de 9 1/2 po, série E-volution (Evolution) (98122, 98123, 98124, 98125)



Designed to save time
The A. Richard E-volution series 100% lint free corner rollers are an all-in-one paint roller that can be used to paint the wall and the corners at the same time. Ideal for interior super smooth applications. These rollers work best with semi-gloss and high gloss finishes and will distribute paint evenly creating an ultra smooth finish.

  • Holds and delivers more paint to the wall for faster application (great for primer application)
  • Pristine finish in all paints
    (excellent with semi-gloss and high gloss paints)
  •  Excel with today’s fast drying paints

Use with: 7 1/2'' CAGE FRAME: #92006, 92006-N

Price shown is for one tool only.
For the inner price, please contact our customer service at: 1-800-363-8676
Free shipping for orders over $100*
* Quebec & Ontario only
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