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Éponge à poncer

Éponge à poncer laminée de 22,8 cm x 11,43 cm (9 po x 4 1/2 po) pour placoplâtre
(07025, 07026, 07029, 07030, 07037, 07039, 07040, 07031, 07031, 07032, 07041, 07042)



Drywall sanding sponges are an economical way to prep & finish your drywall projects. From sanding patched areas, to scuffing before repainting, these four sided sponges will get the job done. These sponges are not just for drywall, they are also ideal for small sanding of wood, metal, fiberglass & painted surfaces.

  • Sand and feather drywall joint compounds, spackling and scuffing painted surfaces
  • Abrasive grain on all four sides - rotate for longer life
  • Resin bonding locks the grain to the foam sponge for longer life
Price shown is for one tool only.
For the inner price, please contact our customer service at: 1-800-363-8676
Free shipping for orders over $100*
* Quebec & Ontario only
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