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ERGO-GRIP SERIES (Screw Bit Taping Knife)

Couteau à joints Ergo-Grip avec embout tournevis, lame carbone ( 01424, 01426)

ERGO-GRIP SERIES (Screw Bit Taping Knife)

  • Flexible high-carbon steel blades, 0,05" to 0,065" thick
  • Full tang blades, heat-treated, tempered, ground, mirror-polished and lacquer-sealed
  • Soft rubber-like handle material, Santoprene, provides maximum gripping
  • Die-cast steelhead on hammer end series
  • Rubberized Richard logo made from Santoprene
  • Screw bit


  • Screw bit angle set to maximize the torque
  • Ergonomic design that reduces muscle fatigue and strain by eliminating pressure points when scraping and taping
  • Soft rubber-like material Santoprene, maximizes grip, cleans easily and is resistant to solvents
  • Broad hilt design allows total protection against slipping when scraping any surface
  • Recessed finger angle gives finger access when taping and maximizes hand comfort
  • Built-in finger cavity allows a comfortable maximum gripping effort when taping or scraping
  • High-carbon die-cast steelhead with a maximum flat hammerhead surface and a perfect radius that helps to correctly set nail heads
  • Full tang blade, perfectly ground, ensures optimum flexibility and even distribution of compounds
Price shown is for one tool only.
For the inner price, please contact our customer service at: 1-800-363-8676
Free shipping for orders over $100*
* Quebec & Ontario only
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