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5 Steps to Paint a Bathroom

1. Remove Mold
  • Use a diluted bleach solution or an anti-fungal or mold remover.
  • Scrub the surfaces with A. Richard brush #03287
  • Do this the day before painting, in order to give the surface time to dry properly.
2. Prepare your surfaces
  • Remove flaking paint with a scraper, and seal any cracks or holes with a water-resistant sealant. Use A. Richard #46303
  • Optional* Lightly sand all previously painted woodwork, so that the new wall paint adheres better. Use A. Richard #18150
3. Clean your surfaces
4. Cover your floor & all surfaces
Cover bathroom vanities and floors with sheets. Use A. Richard #95111
5. Prepare your paint & tools
  • We advise you to use a special bathroom paint, this will help you improve resistance to mold and the effects of water, steam and humidity.
  • You will need a roller to paint the walls and ceiling. Use A. Richard Woven Ultra series 3/8'' (10mm)  #99802
  • You will need a small paintbrush for the touch-ups and corners. Use A. Richard Elegance paint brush 21/2'' #80842

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