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Horseshoe Shims

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Design for quickly and easily, spacing and aligning tile.

Plastic Horseshoe Shims / Tile Spacers are an economical solution for all your construction levelling and spacing needs. Horseshoe Tile Spacers are the perfect choice for spacing and aligning marble, granite, stone and large format tile installations. The "U" shaped tile spacers can be used for horizontal and vertical installations! Guaranteed precision and dimensional accuracy and are built to withstand super-heavy loads without compressing.

  • For aligning marble, granite, porcelain and large format tile

  • For both horizontal and vertical tile installations

  • Shims are reusable

  • Designed to be easily removed when the tile adhesive has hardened.

  • Place prongs in grout joint to align and space

  • Color coding of different size shims makes selection easy

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