Couteau à mastic Ergo-Grip, lame rigide en laiton RUB-151 RUB-152 RUB-153

ERGO-GRIP SERIES (Brass, Putty Knife)

  • Designed for very specific applications, uses, and environments

    • Stiff brass, non spark and corrosion proof blade
    • Ergo-Grip handle


    • Ergonomic design reduces muscle fatigue and strain
    • Soft rubber-like material Santoprene, maximizes grip, cleans easily and is resistant to solvents
    • Broad hilt design allows total protection against slipping when scraping any surface
    • Recessed angle gives finger access when taping and maximizes hand comfort
    • Built-in finger cavity allows a comfortable maximum gripping effort when taping or scraping
    • High-carbone die-cast steel head with a maximum flat hammer head surface