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PRO SERIES (Taping Knife)

Couteau à joints, lame carbone flexible (S-4-F S-4-S S-5-F S-5-S S-6-F S-6-S )

PRO SERIES (Taping Knife)


Applies drywall compounds and sets drywall nails.

  • High-carbon carbon steel blades, 0,05" to 0,065" thick
  • Full tang blades, heat-treated, tempered, ground, mirror-polished and lacquer-sealed
  • Flexible taping knife blade is hollow ground on both sides
  • Handle made from polypropylene


  • Optimum blade design, hardness and flexibility, offering reliable, durable, quality workmanship
  • Solvent-resistant handle
Price shown is for one tool only.
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* Quebec & Ontario only
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