Outil Ergo-Grip 6 en 1 avec tête en acier, lame carbone rigide


    • Ergonomic design that reduces muscle fatigue and strain by eliminating pressure points when scraping and taping
    • Soft rubber-like material Santoprene maximizes grip, cleans easily and is resistant to solvents
    • Broad hilt design allows total protection against slipping when scraping any surface
    • Recessed finger angle gives finger access when taping and maximizes hand comfort
    • Built-in finger cavity allows a comfortable maximum gripping effort when taping or scraping
    • Rubberized Richard logo is easy to clean, impossible to erase and gives maximum grip without undue pressure
    • High-carbon die-cast steelhead with a maximum flat hammerhead surface and a perfect radius that helps to correctly set nail heads
    • Full tang blade, perfectly ground, ensures optimum flexibility and even distribution of compounds


    1. Cleans rollers
    2. Open paint cans
    3. Spreads compound
    4. Scrapes
    5. Cleans out cracks
    6. Closes paint cans